Zita Tokárová

Zita Tokárová (born Puterová) has received her PhD in organic chemistry in 2007 at the Slovak Technological University under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Végh. Shortly after (2008), she moved to Krakow, Poland as a Marie-Curie post-doctoral fellow at the Research Centre of Nanometer-Scale and Advanced Materials of Jagiellonian University, working in the group of Prof. Marek Szymonski. Since that, she have started her interdisciplinary research on design, synthesis and structure-properties relationship investigations of thiophene-containing compounds as an active components of materials of modern era, such as organic semiconductor, liquid crystals, nanoparticles. Her postoctoral education was continued in 2010-2012 as fellow of TEAM project supported by Polish Fundation of Science in the Laboratory of Physicochemistry of Dielectrics and Magnetics of Warsaw University with Prof. Ewa Gorecka. In 2012 she became research assitant at the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences of University of SS Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, where she currently continues her research on functional materials cooperating with laboratories of Slovak Academy of Sciences (Institute of Polymers, Institute of Physics) and of Slovak Technical University (Advanced Technology Research Institute, Institute of Electronics and Photonics, Institute of Organic Chemistry).