Every year, Thieme Chemistry supports undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students with poster prizes awarded at international conferences where they present their research.
The poster prize at 18th Blue Danube Symposium on Heterocyclic Chemistry includes a one-year subscription to the journal SYNFACTS.


Molecules - Open Access Journal is published semi-monthly online by MDPI (IF 3.098) and will award a poster prize at 18th Blue Danube Symposium on Heterocyclic Chemistry as its ongoing support of excellence in organic chemistry research. The  winner will be awarded 150 EUR.


Slovenian Chemical Society, dating back to 1951, is a constant supporter of all fields of chemistry, promoting state-of-the-art research as well as  disseminating the recognition of chemistry among the general population. Slovenian Chemical Society publishes open-access free-of-charge chemistry journal Acta Chimica Slovenica. The selected poster will be awarded an honorary Diploma and 100 EUR.


Important notice: all poster presenters are kindly invited to affix their posters to the allocated spaces (see numbers below) on Wednesday 18th of September during the registration time, 14:30 to 17:30. The posters shall remain displayed until the end of the Conference on Saturday 21st of September.



Adam Pokluda (PO1) (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, CZ): Substituent effect on the spectral and photochemical properties of ethylene-bridged flavinium salts

Ádám Tajti (PO2) (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, HU): Microwave-assisted synthesis of benzophosphole oxide derivatives by oxidative addition

Anna Hudcová (PO3) (University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Brno, CZ): Alkyl [(aminohydroxypropyl)phenyl]carbamates and their precursors: synthesis and characterization

Anna Zwillinger-Tripolszky (PO4) (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, HU): Synthesis of triazolylphosphonate derivatives by click and domino reactions

Anže Ivančič (PO5) (University of Ljubljana, SI): 1-Haloalkynes: Useful synthons in heterocyclic chemistry

Anže Meden (PO6) (University of Ljubljana, SI): Tryptophan-derived amides as novel butyrylcholinesterase inhibitors

Béla Mátravölgyi (PO7) (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, HU): Ring transformation of (hydroxymethyl)pyrroles: a tool to access conjugated N-heterocycles

Branislav Ferko (PO8) (Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, SK): Fluorinated ceramide trafficking inhibitors as Alzheimer's disease radiomarkers

Bruno A. Martek (PO9) (University of Ljubljana, SI): Azaindole scaffold determination in new synthetic cannabinoide drugs by 1H-15N correlation spectroscopy

Dániel Ozsvár (PO10) (University of Szeged, Szeged, HU): Stereoselective synthesis and application of diterpene-based chiral aminodiols as catalyst

Dariusz Mlynarczyk (PO11) (Poznań University of Medical Sciences, Poznań, PL): Porphyrazine and phthalocyanine grafted TiO2 as a versatile tool expanding the usefulness of macrocycles

Eva Svobodová (PO12) (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, CZ): Using of flavinium salts for oxidation – efficiency vs stability

Griša Grigorij Prinčič (PO13): Cyclic organic peroxides and their boron derivatives stabilized with BODIPY scaffolds

Hassan Amal (PO14) (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, CZ): Aerobic photocatalytic oxidation of benzylic/allylic bonds and inactive alcohols using flavin derivatives

Khadija Belasri (PO15) (Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Szeged, HU): C-10 substitution of 9-phenanthrol

Kristof Hegedüs (PO16) (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, HU): Carbon-carbon bond activation of benzylic alcohols

Krisztian Albitz (PO17) (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, HU): Exocyclic strain in olefin cross-metathesis: late-stage modification of prenylated natural products

Leo Štefan (PO18) (Jadran Galenski Laboratorij, Rijeka, HR): Solvent mediated alkylation of methimazole with 1,2-dichloroethane

Luka Ciber (PO19) (University of Ljubljaan, SI): Synthesis of spiroheterocycles in organocatalyzed domino reactions from Δ2-pyrrolin-4-one derivatives

Maida Hadžić (PO20) (University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, BH): Novel contributions to halogenated boroxine K2[B3O3F4OH] bioactivity

Marija Paurević (PO21) (Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Osijek, HR): Efficient synthesis of new 17-, 18-, 19- and 20-membered N2O2-donor macrocycles by NaBH4 reduction

Marton Zwillinger (PO22) (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, HU): Synthesis of 6-substituted quinoline foldamer building blocks

Mateja Mihelač (PO23) (University of Ljubljana, SI): Intermolecular imine formation catalyzed by palladium complex

Michal Falkowski (PO24) (Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Bydgoszcz, PL): Synthesis of sulfanyl porphyrazines with bulky phthalimide substituents in the periphery. Synergic effect with nanostructural components for catalytical properties

Miha Drev (PO25) (University of Ljubljana, SI): Catalytic iterative C-H bond activation in water: A novel approach towards polydentate ligands

Miha Virant (PO26) (University of Ljubljana, SI): Preparation of triaryl substituted triazolium salts

Mohammed El Haimer (PO27) (University of Szeged, Szeged, HU): Synthesis of novel N-heterocycles via traceless chirality transfer

Muamer Dizdar (PO28) (University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, BH): Structural insights into bioactivity of 1,5-dimethyl-2-phenyl-1H-pyrazolo-3(2H)-ones derived from phenolic aldehydes

Nejc Petek (PO29) (University of Ljubljana, SI): Oxidation of substituted pyrazolidin-3-ones under visible light

Nóra Tóth (PO30) (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, HU): Synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-one phosphonates by Biginelli reaction

Peter Spránitz (PO31) (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, HU): Synthesis of amide isosters containing an oxetane motif

Rebeka Mészáros (PO32) (University of Szeged, Szeged, HU): A continuous flow process for silver catalysed alcohol dehydrogenation

Sebastian Lijewski (PO33) (Poznań University of Medical Sciences, Poznań, PL): Terpene-phthalocyanine conjugates and their photodynamic activity against Enterococcus faecalis

Tomasz Goslinski (PO34) (Poznań University of Medical Sciences, Poznań, PL): Nipagin-substituted porphyrazine and phthalocyanine – comparison of optical and photochemical properties

Tomasz Koczorowski (PO35) (Poznań University of Medical Sciences, Poznań, PL): Synthesis and electrocatalytic studies of iron and manganese complexes of porphyrazines

Veronika Malínková Kováčová (PO36) (Palacký University, Olomouc, CZ): FLT3 inhibition as a possible therapeutical approach for mixed lineage leukemia

Yulian Zagranyarski (PO37) (Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", Sofia, BG): Peri-substituted dichalcogenides of naphthalene and perylene monoimides

Zsanett Szécsényi (PO38) (University of Szeged, Szeged, HU): Sustainable synthesis of methyl ketones via bismuth(III)-catalysed hydration of terminal alkynes in a flow system

Zsolt Szakonyi (PO39) (University of Szeged, Szeged, HU): Stereoselective synthesis and investigation of isopulegol-based chiral ligands