Ondřej Kováč

Ondřej Kováč was born in Ustí nad Orlicí, Czech Republic, and grew up in Olomouc, Czech republic. His passion for synthetic chemistry he discovered through the field of Experimental Biology in which he obtained baccalaurean degree at Palacky University Olomouc. Within these studies he discovered the beauty of organic synthetic chemistry and drifted via Master study in the field of Bioorganic chemistry and Chemical Biology to the decision to start his doctoral studies in the field of Organic chemistry. Thus, in 2016 he joined as a PhD student the Pospisil research group at the Department of Organic chemistry, Palacky University, to work in the field of the total synthesis of natural products and the polyfunctional reagent development. Within his doctoral studies he also spent 6 months at Johannes Kepler University, Austria in the group of prof. Mario Waser working on chiral PTC catalyzed reactions and organocatalyzed cycloadditions of allenes. His current research interest mainly focuses on the development of novel reagents applicable in Diversity-Oriented synthesis and its applications in context of total synthesis of plant secondary metabolites.